Philips Trimmer Price – Complete Guide

Grooming has become an important component of men’s lives. Everyone wants to have a good haircut and be shaved properly in order to appear smart. Philips, as a brand, has achieved immense success and recognition throughout the years in helping men achieve this and continues to rise in the ranks of success and glory.

But, every one of us becomes confused when it comes to Philips trimmer price, right? In this article, we’ll help you find Philips trimmer price along with its features and benefits for a wide range of its products. Hopefully, you will be able to buy yours one according to your budget and specification. Dive in to know more.

Trimmer Philips Price

As a renowned brand, Philips has a wide range of trimmers to offer. We have listed some of them below with their features and benefits for you to make it easy to choose the right one.

Philips BT3102/15 Cordless Beard Trimmer (Black and Grey)

Features & Benefits:

  • Lift & Trim system cuts 30% faster*
  • Stainless Steel Blades for long-lasting sharpness
  • DuraPower technology for a longer lasting battery life
  • 10 lock-in length settings, 0.5 – 10mm with 1mm precision
  • Up to 60 minutes of cordless use after 10 hours charging,Warranty-2years Date of Purchase

Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver with 3 Trimming Combs (Lime Green) & Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener (Black)

Features & Benefits:

  • Product 1: Unique OneBlade can style, trim and shave, while keeping the skin feeling soft
  • Product 1: Rechargeable battery delivers 45 minutes of constant performance
  • Product 1: Water resistant: Can be used wet or dry
  • Product 1: Each blade lasts up to 4 months
  • Product 2: SlikPro Care for less heat exposure
  • Product 2: Ceramic plates for smooth gliding. The plate size is suitable for short hair
  • Product 2: Hair straightening lasts for 2-3 hours, not for permanent straightening
  • Product 2: 210°C professional temperature

Philips Norelco BG7040/42 Skin Friendly Showerproof Body Trimmer and Shaver with Case and Replacement Head


  • Philips BG1025/15 trimmer is noiseless.
  • It can be operated wirelessly
  • The product has a bidirectional cutting blade
  • The device is 100% waterproof


  • The sharp blade makes no direct contact with your skin and keeps it safe.
  • The design of the trimmer ensures easy movements on the body.
  • Three batteries provide optimal performance

Philips Trimmer Price in India

Philips trimmers are a terrific addition to your shaving equipment because they are both convenient and time-saving. Listed below are some of the best trimmers from Philips:

Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver with 3 Trimming Combs (Lime Green) & Philips BG1025/15 Showerproof Body Groomer for Men

Features & Benefits:

  • Product 1: Unique OneBlade can style, trim and shave, while keeping the skin feeling soft
  • Product 1: Rechargeable battery delivers 45 minutes of constant performance
  • Product 1: Water resistant: Can be used wet or dry
  • Product 1: Each blade lasts up to 4 months
  • Product 2: For all BODY areas, even in sensitive areas
  • Product 2: The unique Skin Protection System guards skin from blades
  • Product 2: Bidirectional trimmer and comb catch & cut body hairs grow in any direction
  • Product 2: No need to replace blades. Wet & Dry-Fully washable, Showerproof and easy cleaning. Cutter width-32 mm

Philips QP2525/10 Trimmer and Shaver


  • Trimmer blade for Philips Qp2525/10 features a dual sided design.
  • This trimmer blade has been specially designed with a single blade.
  • It features a 45 min cordless smooth trimming.
  • The blade of this trimmer lasts for a long time.
  • It is completely washable.


  • Whether it’s wet or dry, you can use this trimmer.
  • The blade of this trimmer lasts a long time.
  • A protective plate on the top of the blade offers a comfortable shave.

Trimmer Price Philips

You can rely on Philips without hesitation when it comes to trimmers, shavers, grooming kits, and other personal care products. Want to know the trimmer price from Philips? Here you go!

Philips BG3005/15 Cordless Bodygroomer – Skin Friendly, Showerproof, Full Body Hair Shaver and Trimmer

Features & Benefits:

  • 40 Minutes cordless use after an 8-hour charge
  • Confidently Shave or trim all body zones. Rounded tips and hypoallergenic foil for skin comfort
  • Includes 1 body comb for a natural trim (3mm)
  • Easy to clean and use in or out of the shower
  • The rubber grip is designed to ensure optimal handling even when wet, for better control during use
  • worldwide voltage, no oil needed

Philips MG5740/15 Body – Multi Grooming Kit


  • Philips MG5740/15 body groomer features dualcut technology.
  • It features a 80 min cordless smooth trimming.
  • The body groomer is completely waterproof.
  • The device includes nose and ear hair trimming tools.
  • It comes with a rubber grip handle.


  • A storage pouch makes this groomer easy to carry.
  • The durability of this groomer allows you to use it for a long time.
  • You can easily remove hair from your nose and ear using this groomer.

Philips Trimmer 3000 Series Price

The list below contains some of the best Philips trimmer 3000 series prices.

Philips Series 3000 7-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit


  • The groomer features a self-sharpening blade.
  • Designed as an all-in-one trimmer, it lasts a long time.
  • It offers cordless trimming for 60 minutes.
  • This trimmer is completely washable.


  • Nine durable tools make it easy to trim your hair.
  • This stainless steel trimmer blade can provide a perfect trim.
  • Use this groomer to easily remove hair from your nose and ears.

Philips Series 3000 BT3105 Beard Trimmer


  • This trimmer features Dura power technology.
  • It has skin friendly blades.
  • This trimmer handle features an ergonomic design.
  • The BT3105 trimmer includes a storage pouch as well.
  • It offers 45 minutes of cordless trimming.


  • The trimmer’s battery lasts for a long time.
  • Its battery indicator makes it easy to see the charge status.
  • It is easy to clean the removable head of the trimmer.
  • The ergonomic design of the trimmer makes it easy to use and hold.

Philips Series 3000 BT3102 Beard Trimmer


  • Precision settings of 1 mm
  • The Lift-&-Trim System
  • Cordless technology
  • The trimmer head is detachable
  • Philips  BT3102 beard trimmer has dura power technology
  • Ergonomic design


  • Trim your stubble beard easily.
  • You can use the trimmer for 60 minutes cordless.
  • As it is skin-friendly and also usable for your smooth skin.
  • Easy cleanable after use.
  •  The trimmer provides you with long time battery support
  • An easy-to-handle product
  • Usable also in your hard-to-reach areas.

PHILIPS Series 3000 trimmer NT3650/16


  • Philips NT 3650/16 trimmer has used precision trim technology
  • The trimmer is battery operated
  • Protective guard system over the cover
  • Designed for one-handed operation and easy handling
  • It comes with a 2-year worldwide guarantee
  • The trimmer is fully washable


  • You can effectively remove nose and ear hairs with this device.
  • From any angle, the trimmer’s cutter ensures all hair is cut perfectly and quickly
  • The blades are designed to never touch the skin in any way
  • With just one hand, you can turn the device on/off
  • Because it is water-resistant, it can be cleaned easily

Philips Trimmer 1000 Series Price

Find your favorite Philips trimmer 1000 series price from the list below:

Philips Norelco 1100 Bodygroom Trimmer


  • A BodyGroom 1100 trimmer head features two rows of shear blades
  • The trimmer is water-resistant
  • The product is lightweight
  • The device comes with two years warranty


  • The trimmer allows you to shave in both directions.
  • It can be used in the shower if you wish.
  • You can easily remove the shaving head
  • The trimmer can be operated one-handed

Philips BT1210 Cordless Beard Trimmer


● The blades of the trimmer are made of stainless steel.
● Philips BT1210 trimmer comes with a USB cable.
● Blades are sharpened automatically.
● The head of the trimmer is detachable.
● The device uses dura power technology.


  • The trimmer provides you with a protective and comfortable trimming experience.
  • USB cable of the trimmer enables convenient charging via a computer or laptop
  • In the long run, provide efficient performance
  • The product is easy to handle

Philips BT1235/15 Skin-friendly Beard trimmer Dura Power Technology, Cordless Rechargeable with USB Charging, Charging indicator, Travel lock


  • The blades of the trimmer are made of stainless steel
  • The device uses Durapower technology
  • Philips BT1232/15 can be used cordless
  • The product has a USB charging port


  • The blade of the trimmer lasts longer due to its sharpness 
  • Longer battery life allows you to use the trimmer longer
  • You can use it for 30 minutes after full charging
  • It helps you to keep clean hard-to-reach areas

Philips Trimmer Battery Price

If you want to know Philips trimmer battery price, you are at the right place! Grab yours and enjoy a flawless, protective trim every time.

Philips QT4011 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer Charger


  • The Philips QT4011 charger is the original charger only for the QT4011 trimmer
  • The product comes in  wholesale packet
  • It is a low heating charger
  • Good output voltage regulated


  • Compatible with  your QT4011 trimmer
  • Increase the battery life  of your trimmer
  • Do not overheat your device

Robotly 15V Charger Compatible with most Philips Trimmer/Shaver BT/AT/QT/HC Series


  • The chargers are made from high-quality materials
  • It has a high charging capacity
  • Voltage constant chargers


  • The chargers don’t heat up the trimmers.
  • Keep you safe from any electric shock while using
  • Compatible with most of the Philips trimmers.
  • Your device will be charged as efficiently as the original charger

Philips Aquatouch AT890 Electric Shaver Charger Only


  • The chargers are reliable and long-lasting
  • The output voltage of Philips Aquatouch AT890  is well regulated
  • Materials used in construction are perfect


  • This charger is compatible with your AT890 Pro skin advanced trimmer
  • Improves battery performance
  • Its charging capacity saves your time
  • Improve the trimmers battery performance


What’s The Difference Between Beard Trimmers and Multi Groomers?

With beard trimmers, you get a clean, even cut using adjustable guards to maintain a professional appearance. Basically, multi-groomers work like regular groomers, but have additional attachments for taking care of other body hair without the risk of nasty cuts. In order to minimize bathroom cabinet clutter, many individuals select a multi-groomer.

Can The Blades of Beard Trimmers Rust?

While most beard trimmer blades today are made with rust-resistant metal, you should still oil them regularly and keep them dry. Furthermore, do not leave them exposed in a humid environment (such as the steamy bathroom after a shower). Protect them with a dry place, such as a bag or cabinet.

Are Corded Beard Trimmers Better?

Generally, corded trimmers are more powerful, so barbers still cut hair with them. Taking up more space and limiting where you may groom yourself are their disadvantages. Most beard trimmers on the market these days are cordless. These tools are more convenient and powerful enough to work in between charges. If you don’t care about waterproofing or wireless operation, you may enjoy using a corded trimmer.

Wrap Up

We believe this article on Philips trimmer price will be helpful in terms of giving the right information for buying trimmers according to your budget and requirement. The price of a Philips trimmer depends on its features and usability. While purchasing consider your needs along with your budget. For any further questions, comment below and let us know your query.

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